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Some people can take it but most cannot. What are we referring to? An experience in what is a growing trend of extreme haunted houses. This is not to be confused with the old trailer setup in the parking lot where a few buzzers go off and someone jumps out from around the corner with a rubber mask on. This new wave of attractions are called extreme for a very good reason. Most of the people who attempt to go through them never make it. So, if this kind of intense horror sounds enticing to you, here are some of the things you need to look for. The Charlotte area is not different than any other, you can certainly have your need for a major thrill satisfied. You just need to make sure that you know what to look for. That is where this guide comes in handy.

There is nothing like the setting being perfect. And this is nowhere more true than when it comes to a haunted house. We suggest that you look for a venue that is located way out in the country on a dirt road and in a structure that looks like it has been abandoned for years. It is even better if the place you are going to has a haunted past or at least a reputation of one. There is a certain sensation to a really good scare and part of it is an atmosphere of dread where you feel you really shouldn't be where you are right now. Another huge element that you definitely need to look for is a haunted experience where you are left by yourself quite a bit if not all of the time. It is one thing to be scared out of your wits when you have friends around but to go through it alone raises the stakes and your feeling of dread and even insanity. In fact, there are venues where you can agree to let yourself be dragged away from your group to be taken who knows where.

In terms of characters that you could possibly encounter, you just can't beat a fire-breathing clown. Now, onto one of the most important elements of a haunted venue if you truly want to scream yourself hoarse with what you experience. We suggest looking for a place where you can sign a waiver that allows for what is called a full-contact experience. Let's put it this way, if you are given a form that uses the words torture and abuse over and over again, you are probably in for the time of your life. This kind of extreme interaction can call for all kind of things including being screamed at, grabbed, tied up, experiencing your own death and anything else that might get you to vomit your guts out. There is another angle to all of this as well. When a haunted house has to give you a safe word because they know it is more than likely going to be too intense for you, then that means you have arrived at the right place.

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So far, we haven't talked at all about having a lot of ugly and crazy looking characters chasing you but this is also a great element to look for as well. If you make the wrong turn, who knows what might lay ahead. People have been known to be stuffed into coffins or forced to eat all kind of disgusting things. Times of complete darkness also much be part of your tour as it lends a sense of helplessness and heightens your anxiety level. In the end, what you are looking for is a haunted house where what you experience will remain with you long after you have made it to the outside.

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